My Favourite Spots | Hannah Cao

by Hannah Cao
by Nathan Dumlao

My flat

My flat is my safe space. I live and work and dream and thrive and dance like a crazy chicken here because even though it’s not the biggest, prettiest flat, it feels like home to me and I’m glad to say it because everyone should feel “at home” when they get “home” by the end of the day. I’ve always loved spaces for myself. My bedroom that I had before we moved houses and cities. My own not-so-secret secret spot on the top of a huge building in the middle of the city. My very own locker in High School. I usually got sad when I had to move places and give away my former flats. But I’m happy to say that in my space I find comfort and that’s why, even though it sounds a bit lame, I like being home a lot.

My mother’s house

I connect everything I call my comfort zone with my mother and my childhood. It’s just because she’s always been there and will always be the epitome of a personal safety net. So whenever I visit and stay at my mother’s house, I feel loved and accepted and comfortable immediately. She knows me, I know her, I know the place like the back of my hand, so I can be who I am and spread my limbs.


Whenever I feel like my head is clogged up with too much technology, drama in and around my life and everything else, I seek a getaway by fleeing into parks. It would be the woods if they weren’t so far away from where I live and so hard to get into. I’ve always loved parks, I used to go to London’s parks whenever I could and now back in Germany I take walks in parks again and am planning to get myself a bike already to bike through it in the Summer. There’s a huge park near my apartment building and I love how my perception changes once I step into this very park. Because life looks much more calm then. And the air seems much cleaner.

Starbucks & Costa coffee shops

It’s not necessarily about the brands or anything but I go to these chains a lot just because it’ll always be the same when I get there. The barista knows my name and preference by now, he knows where I like to sit, I know the peak and off-peak times for my favourite Starbucks in town better than the Google analytics.

Independent coffee shops

As a coffee shop lover, I always seek to find new independent coffee shops. One of my absolute dreams for the future is to open my very own independent coffee shop. Because I constantly feel like I’m in a book or a film whenever I spend hours sitting and reading in one. It’s the perfect place to be away from home when you feel like your productivity is lacking. It’s cozy, it’s got awesome music and you could spend hours sipping on great coffee or tea.

Galleries and museums

As a huge art, culture and history fanatic, I could spend days and days just going through galleries and museums. They’re gigantic, beautiful spaces full of artworks and knowledge, it’s hard to imagine anyone could find these places boring. There’s almost always something worth seeing or reading about, even when exhibitions carry the most insignificant names. It’s always been worth a visit to me so I keep going in with met expectations.

Book stores

If there is one thing I am a shopaholic for, it’s a book. And many more books. I love and devour books and the amount of new stuff coming out each month makes it hard for me to keep up. I’ll be surprised if I don’t end up with a huge library in my home in the future. I enjoy going to bookstores because to me it’s like a small paradise full of wonder and literature. So many stories to read for each mood. So many books to read for inspiration. Cue London’s Waterstones at Piccadilly. My very personal paradise.

What is your safe place? Your favourite spot? 

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