Issue 1: Rose-Coloured Girl.

Written by Hannah Cao

Jared Rice
Spring is here – and so are the cherry blossoms and the warm sunshine and love, love, love in the air. But not just love between people, but also self-love, just as it should be. This is the time to treat yourself on stunning days. We hope you don't forget about that.

Our first issue, Rose-coloured girl, centers around love, self-love and appreciation, so, for now, we're sharing all the pieces we've gather inside the Editorial Team and also from contributors and illustrators right here, on this site. So stay tuned on our social media and make sure to check back often for essays, short stories, poems, photography, illustrations and more! 

All you need is love.
At the end of the day you come to realise that everything you do and think about is just another connection to the feeling and emotion that makes us all the same: rose-coloured cheeks indicating every kind of love.
Love, appreciation and most of all, self-love. That's when you'll feel complete.
Because love will find you. 
Even when you don’t.

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